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…more flexibility and pleasure while moving, vocal clarity, freedom of expression, an improvement in muscle tone, increased energy and mental alertness – all elements that lead to heightened artistic quality.


Berlinale Talents

Berlinale Talents at the Berlin International Film Festival

with Jean-Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad


Class Description

Berlinale Talents is the annual summit and networking platform of the Berlin International Film Festival for 250 outstanding creatives from the fields of film and drama series. Actors from around the world are invited to explore their techniques, work with dialogue delivery, meet with international casting directors, learn from master teachers, and much more in the Acting Studio. Offering a variety of sessions that focus on particular aspects of acting, these rigorous workshops help Acting Studio participants develop skills to collaborate and communicate with all individuals involved in the filmmaking process.

The emerging filmmakers who are invited are coached and mentored by renowned and multiple award-winning industry experts and over 100 international professionals, including not only Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad, but also Jane Campion, Meryl Streep, Juliette Binoche, Holly Hunter, Werner Herzog, Ken Loach, James Manos Jr., Mike Leigh, John Cameron Mitchell, Sandy Powell, Walter Murch, Ulrich Seidl, and Paul Verhoeven.

Upcoming Class

February 11 – 16, 2017
Admission now closed for 2017


“Jean-Louis Rodrigue always brings a personal and positive approach to his coaching work. His involvement is timeless and complete. He is generous, genuine, and creative such that even when a character or a story is frightening, it becomes about exploring the work and being of service. Jean-Louis has a clear view of the character the actor is playing and also an awareness of the purpose and structure of the whole movie, which engages the entire actor’s intention and responsibility with the project. His work is a useful and exciting way to open my channels for my research as an actress.”
(Juliette Binoche)

Jean-Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad Teaching the Alexander Technique

“Working with Kristof has been tremendously helpful. Through body awareness and proper physical alignment, he helps open up channels of energy that enable full presence of being. He focuses on the details of a character that most fully connect to a visceral core- a character’s animal, their element, their core image or symbol. He helps actors build their characters through a process of fluidity, not rigidity, always working through the body. The bottom line is Kristof will help you bring LIFE to every moment of a performance – simple, unforced, bold, and electric!”
(Michael Welch)


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