Richard Parker & Pi on Boat
Keir Dullea in 2001: A Space Odyssey
Alessija Lause Acting in Film Workshop 2013
Tobias Light Acting in Film Workshop 2013
2013 Acting in Film Workshop Students
Santiago Cabrera in The Musketeers
Save the Tigers Banner
The Country Wife 2
Jean-Louis teaching
Teaching in Berlinale
Take this Waltz
J Edgar
Berlinale Audience
KK Paracusia

Jean-Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad specialize in the application of the Alexander Technique to acting and musical performance in Los Angeles and around the world.

JL & KK Music

…more flexibility and pleasure while moving, vocal clarity, freedom of expression, an improvement in muscle tone, increased energy and mental alertness – all elements that lead to heightened artistic quality.


Everyday Activities

Everyday Activities - Alexander TechniqueThe Alexander Technique is an intelligent way to solve common body problems and improve your self-image. Study of the Alexander Technique optimizes such activities as walking, standing, bending, sitting, and more complex tasks such as driving or working at the computer.

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Major Study published in The British Medical Journal finds The Alexander Technique most effective at reducing back pain.