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…more flexibility and pleasure while moving, vocal clarity, freedom of expression, an improvement in muscle tone, increased energy and mental alertness – all elements that lead to heightened artistic quality.



matthijs_wouter_knol_testimonial_alexander_technique“We extremely value working with Jean-Louis Rodrigue for several reasons: his versatility and broad experience on the one hand, but also his very pleasant, constructive, and content-driven approach to working with talented young people, encouraging and reassuring them throughout the training process, and his strong ability to build bridges between people from very different socio-cultural and professional backgrounds within an amazingly short time on the other hand. Jean-Louis Rodrigue’s continuous fresh ideas, his flexibility and openness to find new formats, and his generosity in sharing his experience are all ‘part of the package’ and make him an important mentor and one of the key contributors to our annual programme parallel to the Berlin International Film Festival.”

– Matthijs Wouter Knol, Director, European Film Market

“I really like to look into the physical acting characteristics of my character, because it helps me to transform. The Alexander Technique helps me to burrow into roles like gay cowboys and drug addicts by focusing on my posture, movement, and presence.”

– Heath Ledger, Actor

“The absolute best Alexander classes are given daily by my four-month old son. Jean-Louis and Kristof are a close second. They are not only expert in the theory and application of this incredible technique but pursue their work with a vibrant, contagious love. Their endeavor to help performers choose a new physical life that allows them to be more fully present–in essence, to use themselves differently–is profound, and has implications not only for life on the stage, but for life in general. Jean-Louis and Kristof create a beautiful work environment: safe, rigorous, personal–and sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them. And they don’t spit up nearly as much as my son!”

– Peter Hermann, Actor

Pamela Gien Testimonial“One of the greatest gifts to my work was when Larry Moss enlisted the assistance of Jean-Louis Rodrigue in our preparation for The Syringa Tree. Jean-Louis is a master of physical energy. He is an intuitive and gifted teacher who aligns the actor’s body with its own natural power through profound relaxation. He greatly enhanced my performance physically and vocally, giving me an innate understanding of the deep resource of energy within my own body. Spiritually he linked what I was working to accomplish, the creation of more than twenty characters in one body, to the vast scope of energy in the universe. He grounded me to the earth, and lifted my vision to a wider expanse. I use Jean-Louis’ teachings in my work, in performance every night, and as I go through my day, to keep my body and spirit calm and energized. I will continue to seek his wisdom in all my work.”

– Pamela Gien, Playwright/Performer

Justin Chatwin Testimonial Photo“Not only did my work with Kristof help awaken the physical and psychological life of my characters, it helped awaken my own personal life too. This technique is as beneficial to the actor as it is to the 9 to 5’er who has to sit hunched over in front of a computer screen. I now have more fun playing in my daily life and my work life.”

– Justin Chatwin, Actor

“One of the most important things an actor can posses is a relationship to their own body and breath. Jean-Louis Rodrigue works with actors in such a way that they immediately understand from deep within themselves their true impulses. Jean-Louis is more than a teacher, he is a spirit that enters the actor’s instrument and teaches them the truth of the character they are going to portray. His work is invaluable and I cannot imagine doing a project without him.”

– Larry Moss, Director

“I was and am the producer of “The Syringa Tree”. I found it when it was in its infancy, in Larry Moss’s acting class in Santa Monica. One of the very first things I noticed in Pamela’s work was her physical grace and her stamina, both qualities I later learned were helped immeasurably by her work with Jean Louis. Jean-Louis didn’t just help Pamela focus her energy, prepare for her performances, and connect her voice to her body, but he quite literally helped her CREATE many of the characters in her remarkable piece. He helped her distinguish them from one another, and he helped her with her “magic” of morphing from one to another through his insights into how and where each one’s energy was based, and how to dance with those energies. But perhaps most importantly- to my role as producer at least- Jean Louis helped Pamela maintain her energy through a very, very long run. Unlike almost every other play you are likely to have seen, ours did not HAVE an understudy, so we were totally dependant on Pamela’s being able to do a seven show week, week in and week out, for more than a year- without getting sick, without getting injured, without having drop offs of energy or focus. If she had succumbed to any of these afflictions the play would have suffered, my investors would have lost money, and it would have closed. That’s all just Jean Louis’ work, and the effects of his work. What none of this gets at is the pleasure Jean Louis is to be with; what a generous, supportive spirit he is to have around a production. Jean Louis is not just a remarkably talented man, but a remarkable man.”

– Matt Salinger, Producer, New Moon Productions

“The Los Angeles Philharmonic has had the pleasure of collaborating with Jean-Louis Rodrigue, teaching the Alexander Technique within the framework of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute from 1983 to 1988. During the past 26 years, his exceptional work has grown in demand and he has expanded the reach of his teaching to include programs at the UCLA Department of Music and the Verbier Festival and Academy. The results of his Alexander Technique lessons are often remarkable. The improvement in all aspects of playing including tone quality, rhythmic precision and musicality can be dramatic. Jean-Louis works tirelessly to improve the quality of the Alexander Technique programs, and he is committed to making it available to all artists, especially the young ones to prevent bad habits of playing and future injuries.”

– Esa-Pekka Salonen, Principal Conductor, Philharmonia Orchestra, London

Michael Welch “Working with Kristof has been tremendously helpful. Through body awareness and proper physical alignment, he helps open up channels of energy that enable full presence of being. He focuses on the details of a character that most fully connect to a visceral core- a character’s animal, their element, their core image or symbol. He helps actors build their characters through a process of fluidity, not rigidity, always working through the body. The bottom line is Kristof will help you bring LIFE to every moment of a performance – simple, unforced, bold, and electric!”

– Michael Welch, Actor

“Jean Louis Rodrigue is an incredible asset to any production. He zeros in on the role as well as the actor to work together in shaping the character in a very special way. We had the opportunity to hire Jean Louis on THE AFFAIR OF THE NECKLACE, where he worked with Hilary Swank and the other actors to bring all the attributes of that period in movement into the filming process. His knowledge, expertise and presence were not only beneficial to the actors, but to the production as well. We would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

– Kira Davis, Producer, 8:38 Productions

Cobie Smulders“A few years ago I had some trouble with my physicality on stage. I felt stuck in a lot of places, unsure of which direction to go in, and emotionally detached from my body. Kristof was recommended to me to work on these issues. Thru working with Kristof on this technique I have more connection with my body and my voice has more resonance. Also in my day to day life, I can now pinpoint when my body is under stress and starts to tighten up and I now have the tools to enable to release it. Working with Kristof has given me the gift of being able to connect with my center. Even in the middle of a very hectic shooting day I can take a few moments to become present in myself. Kristof is very kind and has an extremely gentle yet persuasive touch. I have been working with him for almost a year and the work we have done together has made a huge impact on my life.”

– Cobie Smulders, Actor

“The number of musicians, singers and actors touched by the Alexander programme is astonishing as a total of 253 lessons were given by two instructors in 2003 within the short space of three weeks. Participants of the programme learn to improve the quality of their performances while reducing the amount of tension, stress and even damage that they are doing to their own bodies. As their physical pain decreases, their expressiveness and precision increases. With such obvious success the demand for F.M. Alexander Technique lessons has inevitably grown and was even made obligatory by the Theatre Workshop professor, Larry Moss, for his acting students last summer. Mr. Rodrigue works tirelessly to improve the quality of the Alexander Technique programme and is continuously available and open to discuss it’s philosophy and to give professional advice outside of the workshops. He is committed to his work which is evident in the sensitive approach he uses to help top talents alleviate the stresses of their careers.”

– Martin T:son Engstroem, Artistic Director, Verbier Festival & Academy

Lynn Hamrick“It is hard to describe the impact Jean-Louis has had on my work, but it is profound. When I started studying with him I recognized the power of his gift as I experienced immediate results. He helped me harness my creativity and my ability to work with actors. He helped me learn to relax in order to do my best work, a crucial lesson for me as a director that I would soon put to practical use when I got my first network television break to direct FAMILY TIES. He inspired me and continues to do so to this day.”

– Lynn Hamrick, Film & TV Director

“In September 2005, I was remounting my production of Heather Raffo’s 9 PARTS OF DESIRE for the Geffen Playhouse. The actress/author was beginning to reach a serious problem level with the vocal challenges, as well as the mounting psychological pressure of her LA debut. Jean-Louis was referred to me by the staff at the theater, and he came in. Immediately the 3 of us were comfortable with one another. What I had assumed would be needing him for a few hours a week to warm up the actress became a much deeper collaboration, entirely due to Jean-Louis’ abilities and nature. He was quickly working on stage with her, helping her ground in the Alexander Technique and preparing her vocally for the task at hand. He stayed with the show through the entire performance schedule. Heather and I both found him to be a vital contributor to our work, and I very much look forward to working with him again. He is clearly a teacher and a collaborator of the highest caliber. I am eternally grateful to him for the success of our production in Los Angeles.”

– Joanna Settle, Director

Susan Greenberg“Jean-Louis Rodrigue has been my Alexander teacher since 1991. The influence he has had on my life and my professional career has been immeasurable. I only have the highest praise for his skills as a teacher. After a serious back injury I needed to alter my position for playing the flute. Because of Jean-Louis’ help, I have been able to return to work, playing and practicing my flute many hours a day. It is because I have adapted a more improved way of holding my instrument and using my body while playing my flute. Jean-Louis has helped me to eliminate the unnecessary twisting and to have more symmetry in my body while I perform. I have improved the relationship of my head to my body which has had a direct result on the sound I produce on my instrument. He has helped me with breathing and having a better flow of air into the flute, i.e., not being hampered by poor position. This too has resulted in more clarity of phrasing. Besides being a first-class, fine teacher, he is one of the kindest and gentlest people I know.”

– Susan Greenberg, Flutist, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Jessica Wolf Testimonial Photo“Jean-Louis has distinguished himself by working with more professional actors than anyone else in the profession. He is the only teacher who has consistently worked closely with actors on film sets. Jean-Louis has been exposed to many genres of theater, film and television. He has an extensive background as an actor, and is familiar with the techniques and skills that are required to create truly talented people. His teaching manner is confident and creative. His clarity of thought and skill of observation enable him to meet actor’s needs. He knows how to train their voices and their bodies for maximum expressiveness.”

– Jessica Wolf, Faculty, Yale School of Drama

Ann Stocking “I am the first student with a disability to be trained in UCLA’s MFA acting program, and I feel very fortunate to have had Jean-Louis as an instructor. Jean-Louis has been instrumental in helping me re-connect with my body. Many disabled people experience a loss of connection with their bodies due to pain and societal influences to ignore such pain. Excess tension is created from trying to function in a way that limits pain, but actually ends up producing more discomfort and tension. Jean-Louis understands the compensating factors involved, and has completely transformed the way in which I use my body. His expertise in the Alexander field allows him to help me release the tense areas. I was in a fairly constant state of pain and discomfort that I was not even aware of before studying the Technique. Through his guidance, I was able to become aware of how I was mis-using my body, and subsequently change my habitual tension patterns. An actor who gets to work with Jean-Louis is a lucky one indeed.”

– Ann Stocking, Actor

“I was very enthusiastic about the value of the Alexander Technique and I made it possible for all members of the “Richard III” and “The King Lear” companies to have lessons whilst rehearsing.”


– Sir Ian McKellen, Actor

“Jean-Louis Rodrigue always brings a personal and positive approach to his coaching work. His involvement is timeless and complete. He is generous, genuine, and creative such that even when a character or a story is frightening, it becomes about exploring the work and being of service. Jean-Louis has a clear view of the character the actor is playing and also an awareness of the purpose and structure of the whole movie, which engages the entire actor’s intention and responsibility with the project. His work is a useful and exciting way to open my channels for my research as an actress.”

– Juliette Binoche, Actor

Alan Rickman“Using the Alexander Technique empowers me and gives me a balanced sense of tension rather than relying on creating tension to do something in order to produce a sound or an act that is preconceived. I realized that I cannot control a set of circumstances outside of myself so I can go on a journey relying on the state of mind and body that the Alexander Technique gives me.”

– Alan Rickman, Actor